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Polish challenge – from homebrewing to startup

Mariusz Zynel of Brewery Zaścianki, in Zaścianki, Poland speaks to the Beer Idiots about the challenges of starting a new brewery in Poland's booming craft scene.

Brew song

Julien Bretheau of À Tue-Tête, Switzerland, talks about what innovation means for his brewery.

Het Nest’s house of cards

Video: Bart Cuypers, co-owner and president of Brewery Het Nest in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium, knows the right cards to play when it comes to brewing...

Beer at the Bourse

We'll soon be able to enjoy a beer brewed at the Bourse.

What we fear

Brussels has closed down its bars for a month in a shock move last week, leaving many unprepared and with taps full and supplies on order. The move is inconsistent and haphazard.

GIST after the lockdown: Day 1

Jenlain Delcourt talks about the first day of re-opening GIST in Brussels after the COVID-19 lockdown, crowdfunding, and the shock to beer culture in Belgium.

Ārpus: Latvia’s new wave

Girts Tihomirovs, co-founder of Ārpus Brewing in Latvia, talked with the Beer Idiots about the brewery's plans and the craft beer scene in Latvia. 

From a Polish kitchen

Mateusz Jachimczak of Brewery Kazimierz, in Zakrzów, Poland talks about his early beginnings to microbrewery with Beer Idiot Dieter Proost at the Warsaw Beer Festival in November 2019.

What is craft beer US style?

The US Brewers Association proposes to amend its definition of a craft brewer to include the use non traditional ingredients such as cannabinoids and other fermented products.

Twisted names

A tasting 6 beers with 'crazy' names.