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RateBeer’s top new brewers includes 3 Belgians


RateBeer’s best new brewer awards for 2020 includes three Belgian brewers, all of which the Beer Idiots have interview. It’s good to be on top of things, though the interviewing too often distracts us from drinking all we should drink at festivals. Ah! Sacrifices on the altar of beer journalism.

You can view our interviews with the brewers behind Brasserie Atrium, La Source Beer Co. and Dok Brewing Company all of whom came into their own last year with some great offerings.

Congratulations to them for the recognition.  RateBeer says the awards: “often recognize breweries that go on to join the world’s elite craft brewers, and that enjoy continued great success. The awards are based on the same performance as our other brewer awards – average performance in the last year, validation by extra-regional reviewers, performance across style ranges, performance within style. Qualifying brewers were added to RateBeer’s records after 01 June 2018 and before 1 January 2020. Because so many new breweries are being added now, the following group of only ten reflects a very elite selection from a very good field.”

RateBeer’s top all time beers puts Westvleteren 12 XII in third place this year, with 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera coming in seventh. The 3 Fonteinen J & J Oude Geuze Blauw scored 18th spot while Cantillon’s Don Quijote behind at 21th. The De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva 2000, one of my favourites, made it to 32 out of 50 spots. 

RateBeer: New Brewer Awards for the Year 2020

1Mount St. Bernard Abbey Brewery

🇬🇧Coalville, Leicestershire, England

2Nightmare Brewing Company

🇺🇸Farmingdale, New York, United States

3Browar Funky Fluid

🇵🇱Warszawa, Poland


🇵🇱Kołobrzeg, Poland

5Brasserie Atrium

🇧🇪Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium


🇩🇪Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

7La Source Beer Co.

🇧🇪Bruxelles, Belgium

8Dok Brewing Company

🇧🇪Gent, Belgium

9Duration Brewing

🇬🇧West Acre, Norfolk, England

10St. Mars of the Desert

🇬🇧Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England


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