Crossover Blendery: a bit of wild north of London

George Stagg, co-founder with Charlie Wood of Crossover Blender, outlines the path to becoming a spontaneous beer producer in Hitchin, UK. As a blender he focuses on being true to the craft of lambic style beers, with big nods to cider and wine in methods and flavour. They founded the blendery in 2018.

Wild East: the sour side of Brooklyn

Lindsay Steen, co-founder of Wild East Brewing along with Tyler March, and Brett Taylor, describes how the brewery managed to start up during the pandemic and the surprising twists and turns that brought the business to where it is today. Wild East is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Emilien Watelet: the state of promoting beer in Wallonnia

The Beer Idiots talked to Emilien Watelet, one of the organisers of Namur Capitale de la Bière, as part of Namur Events.

Insight Cellars: from big to craft

Ehren Schmidt of Insight Cellars and Copenhagen Commons describes how he went from head brewer of Mikkeller's Baghaven operation to strike out on his own. With his wife and a colleague they have created an impressive portfolio of wild ales in their first year under their own banner. 

Effet Papillon: small with a big impact

Jocelyn Chazel, co-founder with Mathilde Relet of Brasserie Effet Papillon, Mérignac, France, talks about starting the brewery in 2017 and brings us up to date on the craft scene in the Bordeaux region. 

God Bless Beer

Paul Davies provides us with a first-hand account of the pomp, glory and tradition of Belgian Beer Weekend.

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