Pellicle Vergistingen: geuze blendery near Brugges

The Beer Idiots talk with Matthieu Dupont who is making geuze and lambics at his small blendery, Pellicle Vergistingen near Brugge, Belgium. Dupont is...

Little Earth Project: the natural way in Suffolk

Tom Norton, brewer and founder of Little Earth Project, Mill Green, UK describes himself as harvesting the power of wild yeast and the bounty of the farms in Suffolk to produce regional ales with a punch. The Beer Idiots interviewed Norton at BxlBeerFest 22.

Les Intenables: the unbearable lightness of beer

Jรฉrome Lauth, brewer and co-founder of Les Intenables in Rosheim, France talks about making beer in Alsace, where wine and ale come together in...

Butcher’s Tears: a cut above the rest

Eric Nordin is a musician and brewer from Sweden who co-founded Butcher's Tears in Amsterdam with Herbert Nelissen and Felicia von Zweigbergk. Butcherโ€™s Tears began operations in 2011 and is a small-batch brewery with a taproom. Nordin talks to the Beer Idiots about his brewing style.

Beer Idiots and Beer Geeks – live

Beer Idiots interview Ferry Wijnhoven, founder of the Beer Geeks Facebook group in The Netherlands at Beerlovers Bar in Antwerp.

Bobbi Brewery steps into the wild

Thanks to the folks at Bobbi Brewery and at Halles Saint-Gรฉry, Brussels for a great evening on 3 November, when they released their first...

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