Cyclic Beer Farm: Barcelona’s mixed fermentation brewery

Cyclic Beer Farm was founded in 2016 by Alberto Coromina and Joshua Wheeler in Barcelona, focusing on mixed fermentation beer and sourcing ingredients from a nearby family farm.

Holy Goat: funky Scotland

Johnny Horn, the founder and brewer of Holy Goat Brewing in Dundee, Scotland, defines his focus as "experimental mixed-fermentation" beers.  The Beer Idiots interviewed him...

Ood Bruin Fest ’22 – What’s a Flanders red ale?

What is Flanders red ale? We were at the `t Verzet's Ood Bruin Fest in Kortrijk, Belgium to taste the many varieties of the style, which has evolved in many branches (and sometimes even oak leaves) from the early days when Rodenbach developed the style ( also known as Flemish red-brown).

Bellwoods: Toronto’s king of sour

๏ปฟ Luke Pestl, who in 2012 co-founded Bellwoods in Toronto, Canada, talks about starting the brewery in the early days of Ontario's craft beer scene. With...

Mรฉtaphore: Czech brewery’s rise to the top

Jiล™รญ Slรกdek of Mรฉtaphore in Prague, Czech Republic talks to the Beer Idiots about the quiet rise of his microbrewery, which is currently rated...

Stroom: craft and art

  Set along a waterway/canal of the Scheldt river, Stroom was founded by American Farrell Styers and Belgian Carl Uytterhaeghe in Gent, Belgium and began...

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