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Idiots in Antwerpen

The Beer Idiots visit Café Sint-Janneke, Cafe De Vischmijn, Cafe Kulminator, Billie's Bier Kafétaria and Dr. Beer.

World Beer Awards: serving up the usual?

Micro-breweries dominated the top winners of the World Beer Awards, though there were enough mundane choices in the sub-categories to make beer lovers despair.

Europe craft brewers lobby together

Nine national craft beer organisations have eschewed the name 'craft' and formed the Independent Brewers of Europe (IBE) to lobby together on issues such...

Unpure brew

Pia Morgenroth of G’Bräu from Berlin makes a cold-fermented, lager-type gruit beer with wild herbs like alehoof, stinging nettle, yarn, and artemisia. Under the German Reinheitsgebot she can't call it beer.

Do the Zwanze

Jean Van Roy, Cantillon's owner and brewer, speaks about the reason he started Zwanze day and about the beer released for the 2019 edition.

Interview: Polish craft scene

Interview with Paweł Leszczyński, co-organiser of the Warsaw craft beer festival in Poland.

Beer Porn: September 2019

Our monthly 'beer porn' series celebrates label designers.

Hair suds

You can drink Trappist Westmalle Dubbel and now wash your hair with it. The Trappist nuns at the Our Lady of Nazareth abbey in...

A feast of festivals

The following is a round-up of the festivals the Beer Idiots visited in 2019, along with our video interviews of those who either founded them or were part of the organisation behind them.

What is craft beer US style?

The US Brewers Association proposes to amend its definition of a craft brewer to include the use non traditional ingredients such as cannabinoids and other fermented products.