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Shorts: a visit to a supermarket, dire straits and Mule time

The Beer Idiots paid a visit to a Belgian supermarket to see how they are embracing craft beer, with expanded their beer sections to match their wine sections.

Beer Porn December 2020

Well it is the end of a throughly horrible year for brewers and bars. But the beer releases and the wonderful designs continue! Here...

Koen Kostermans on opportunities in China’s beer market

Koen Kostermans from Hops n' More in Leuven, Belgium lived in China, makes regular visits there and currently helps brewers make enter the thriving...

De Dolle Brouwers and a mad passion

Kris Herteleer, brewer and owner of De Dolle Brouwers in Esen, Belgium spoke with Beer Idiot Dieter Proost on the state of the brewery. De...

Peak of the Hautes Fagnes

Raphaël Lambois of Belgium Peak Beer, brews in one of the beautiful areas of Belgium - Sourbrodt, while lies in the Hautes Fanges (High Fens) area of the country near the border with Germany. Beer Idiot Dieter Proost visited him to talk about the brewery.

B.O.M. Brewery: master of the malt

Bert Van Hecke, malt baker and brewmaster of B.O.M. Brewery in Roeselare, Belgium, is keen to emphasise that he malts his own grains and...
Pim Zomerdijk from brewery De Moersleutel

De Moersleutel: brothers in beer

We interviewed De Moersleutel in April 2019. Beer Idiot Dieter Proost visited them last month to take their pulse on where they are going.
Brewing process

Lockdown reading and the science of beer

This week the Beer Idiots are excited about delving into an online course on the science of beer run by KU Leuven, reading a...
Terrace Moeder Lambic Fontainas

Saving Moeder Lambic, A la Mort Subite and others

Moeder Lambic's two bars, A la Mort Subite and a few others in Brussels we know have indicated that they are in danger of...

Brewdelicious: a broader view of beer

Charlotte Forrier of Brewdelicious is forging her way in the Belgian beer world by helping people widen their tastes. She recalls having rather narrow...