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Brussels Beer Project’s lust for life



Seven years after Brussels Beer Project was founded by calling on drinkers to “Leave the abbey, join the playground”, the brewery is showing its lust for life by taking one of our favourite festivals to the roof of the city.

At Wanderlust 2020, co-founder Sébastien Morvan talked about BBP’s “resilient” staff and the brewery’s focus on the local market, in particular Brussels, as the main strengths in continuing during Covid-19.

In fact, Morvan and the other co-founder, Olivier de Brauwere, are going full steam ahead with plans to build a bigger brewery in Anderlecht and have recently hired two new employees.

Their current headquarters at Dansaert will remain as a site for experimental brews, while the new site at Bassin de Biestebroeck, right on the canal, will have a production capacity of up to 10 million bottles.

The capacity will be enough for them to integrate all of BBP’s production, part of which is  brewed by Anders in Halen. The site is slated for a 900 sq. m. beer garden overlooking the canal and bike path. The Dansaert site will be kept for experimental beers, and sour and barrel-aged beers.

BBP typically produces about 40 different beers a year, many of them experimental as a test of the market. 

Morvan also said BBP has been able to adjust to COVID, retaining and even hiring new staff in the process. Some production was turned into a gin-like alcohol and online sales have kept the rest going out the door. Brussels Beer Project

See Beer Idiots’ interview with Morvan at Wanderlust 2019: Wondering about Wanderlust

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