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Allagash: Rob Tod and the Belgian connection


Rob Tod has been making Belgian-style beers since he opened Allagash Brewing in 1995 in Portland, Maine. We caught up with Tod at Cantillon during this year’s Quintessence, to which he brought four beers. 

He started Allagash after a stint at Otter Creek Brewery. His first Belgian-style wheat beer Allagash White, brewed with coriander and Curacao orange peel, is still a big hit. In 2005 he launched Interlude, a mixed-fermentation ale aged in wine barrels.

Tod first came to Belgium and Cantillon on his honeymoon, and in 2007 came to Belgium with a group of brewers. After that trip he pioneered  lambic-style beers in the US using a coolship. After three years of ageing, Coolship Resurgam was launched. 




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