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Craft Beer Market: a world of brews in Namur

François-Xavier Penninckx started the Craft Beer Market in Namur as an embodiment of his passion and to cater to the growing demand for local...

Brasserie d’Oster: small craft, big heart

The Beer Idiots interviewed co-founder Christelle Moureau, who with Eric Fery bought an old farm in Oster in 2010 and worked to create a brewery-tavern Brasserie d'Oster by restoring part of the farm and re-jigging some dairy equipment from a family member.

De Moersleutel: band of brothers

Rob Zomerdijk, one of the four brothers behind the stout-oriented De Moersleutel brewery in the Netherlands, gives us insight into the brewery's expanding range of stouts and IPAs.

Maryensztadt: Marcin Małecki

Marcin Małecki talks about the craft brewery Maryensztadt, which was launched in 2014.

Lambic Round Table – photos

The Beer Idiots attended the Lambic round table on 30 April at Brouwerij Boon for the kickoff of the Toer de Geuze 2022, hosted...

Boon Brewery: science and the art of lambic

Situated next to La Senne or Zenne river where the wild yeasts roam, Boon Brewery has spearheaded the lambic/geuze revival that has made the...

Allagash: Rob Tod and the Belgian connection

Rob Tod has been making Belgian-style beers since he opened Allagash Brewing in 1995 in Portland, Maine. We caught up with Tod at Cantillon during this year's Quintessence, to which he brought four beers. 

Brasserie Surréaliste: the opening

The Beer Idiots attended one of the launch parties for Brasserie Surréaliste's new taproom in Brussels on 7 April. There we interviewed a few of the people who attended.
Petter Gunnarsson, Poppels Brewery, Jonsered, Sweden.

Poppels: Sweden’s organic brewer

Petter Gunnarson, one of the 15 co-founders of Poppels Brewery and who looks after exports, sets out the path of one of Sweden's largest craft brewers in an interview with the Beer Idiots.

Paweł Leszczyński: Warsaw Beer Festival

The Warsaw Beer Festival, which is held twice a year, is a powerhouse showcase of the best of Polish craft beer. Paweł Leszczyński, the co-founder of the festival, gives us insight into the current craft scene, as the Beer Idiots visited Warsaw for the festival's 13 edition, held March 24-26 at Warsaw Legia Stadium.