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Pink Boots Society: empowering women in beer


Karolina Simal, Linda van Loon and Hélène Spitaels talk about the reason behind Pink Boots Europe and the need to empower more women in the beer sector. The three were part of the meeting of Pink Boots Europe held 27 August in Brussels during the BxlBeerFest.

Simal represents the Pink Boots chapter in Spain, van Loon, who is from the Netherlands, represents the Benelux region, while Spitaels, who is from Belgium, is a board member of the French-speaking chapter. Other members from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco also attended the meeting.

BxlBeerFest 2022, Belgium Beer Week 2022

The Pink Boots Society was formed in the US to create a safe space for women in brewing to grow in their careers. The group includes women working in all aspects of the industry and women interested in getting into the industry.

The Belenux chapter was initiated by Liz Pratt in Amsterdam and became official with Linda van Loon as vice-chair (works for Eik & Tid), Arjanneke Troost, secretary (owner of De Gooische Bierbrouwerij) Yu-Mey Kwee, treasurer (Mey Tours), and Tina Rogers, PR (010beerblog) in 2020. 

Membership in Pink Boots is open for women who have a professional relationship with beer. 

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