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Video: Lorenzo Gamba quit his job and joined two other homebrewers in his area to start Piggy Brewing in Liverdun, France. Hoppy American-style beers and big, fat stouts are what they like to make.

Lorenzo Gamba, co-founder of Piggy Brewing in Liverdun, France quit his job and joined two other homebrewers in his area who were also looking to move from homebrewing to commercial startup.

Gamba, along with Pierrot Fechtig and Romain Bach, started Piggy in a small town near Nancy in 2016. The name ‘Piggy’ came about due to their love of imperial stouts that were big in flavour and fat on the mouth. Those kind of stouts made their mark, though their mainstays are American-style hoppy beers.

Their regular line-up include Pick Me Up, an American pale ale, and Eroica, a double-dry hopped IPA. These are good beers indeed, as is the range of the other beers they make. But one remembers the Monstruous Fat Pig Stout Mexican Cake Edition, for example. They have now started doing some barrel-aged beers and will start releasing some wild sours.

Their story begins in a garage, when a decade ago they got tired of travelling to Brussels to pick up beers. They decided to brew their own, then when friends gave them encouragement, they started gypsy brewing, then moved on to having their own fermenters. 

They opened their own brewery in Liverdun in January 2019 with 40 h and 80 h fermenters – allowing them to brew 2,000 hl for the market in 2019. For this year, Piggy has added a new equipment to move up to 5000 hl in 2020.

“That’s a pretty reasonable size, enough to make a decent living,” says Gamba in an interview with the Beer Idiots  at Festival Bière à Lille. The trio also plan to work more on producing wild fermentation beers.

Photos: Festival Bière à Lille

Video: The Piggy Brewing Company 

from Piggy Brewing Company on Vimeo.



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