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Taymans: the revival of a family brewer


In Jette, part of Brussels, six brothers have revived a family brewery that closed in the 1970s. They have started building the new Brasserie Taymans Brouwerij slow, developing their knowledge of brewing ales and next year hope to release their first Oude Geuze. Brazilian beer expert Doug Merlo talks to brewer Jean-Marc Taymans about the past and the present Taymans.

The original Brasserie-Malterie Taymans was founded by Adolphe-Philippe Taymans, a brewer from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, and his father-in-law, Pierre Belien, a beer merchant in Jette-Saint-Pierre. 

The brewery produced only lambic and geuze. The warehouse was built for maturing Lambic in 1906 and is the site of the current Taymans. The brewhouse was completed in 1911 on the other side of the street on Rue Van Huyneghem.

Pierre Taymans, Jean-Marc’s grandfather, took over the brewery in 1936 and continued the operations until he retired and the brewery ceased operations in 1970.

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