De Moersleutel: band of brothers


Rob Zomerdijk, one of the four brothers behind the stout-oriented De Moersleutel brewery in the Netherlands, gives us insight into the brewery’s expanding range of stouts and IPAs. The Beer Idiots talked to him at the Lille Beer Festival.

Imperial stouts, or “heavy beers”, are what Rob likes brewing with his three brothers Pim, Tom, and Max at De Moersleutel in the North Holland town of Alkmaar. They like barrel ageing and blending various brews from the barrels together.

Bière a Lille (BAL), Lille Grand Palais, Lille, France

They began that way in 2016, when they founded the brewery, and have since branched into IPAs and experimental beers. Previous Beer Idiots’ interviews with De Moersleutel are here and here.



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