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De Moersleutel: brothers in beer


Imperial stouts, or “heavy beers”, are what Pim Zomerdijk likes brewing with his three brothers Tom, Rob and Max at De Moersleutel in the North Holland town of Alkmaar. They like barrel ageing and blending various brews from the barrels together.

They began that way in 2016, when they founded the brewery, and have since branched into IPAs and experimental beers once they feel they have learned a style enough to feel they have mastered it.

We interviewed them in Belgium in April 2019 (see A twist of De Moersleutel). Beer Idiot Dieter Proost visited them last month to take their pulse on where they are going.

The four have a separate company, Zomerdijk Engineering, through which they help small breweries scale up production. All have an engineering background.

The brothers that brew and founded brewery De Moersleutel
The brothers that brew and founded brewery De Moersleutel


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