A twist of De Moersleutel


Innovative ‘heavy beers’ are what Pim Zomerdijk likes brewing with his three brothers at Brouwerij De Moersleutel, based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

Pim Zomerdijk and his three brothers Tom, Rob and Max make a bold statement for their brewery in the North Holland town of Alkmaar (The brewery is located in Heiloo): “We don’t brew beer for everyone, we only brew beer for people who love pronounced flavours. We do this by constantly tinkering with our recipes in search of perfection, we want to brew beer that is considered legendary.”

As Pim says in the Beer Idiots interview at the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival, Brouwerij De Moersleutel concentrates on ‘heavy beers’, tending towards stouts. They like barrel aging and blending various brews from the barrels together. They use ingredients like tonka beans to add to the flavours.

The Beer Idiots tried most of the beers they brought to the festival (we have a hankering for stouts on the heavy side):

  • Smoke Screen, Smoke Stout, 8%: brewed with a mix of German rauch malt and Scottish peated malt, giving the beer a soft, smoky taste.
  • Double Roast Ethiopia, Imperial Stout, 12%: uses Ethiopian coffee for an espresso taste.
  • Aztec Hot Chocolate , Imperial Stout, 10%: is stuffed with cacao, cacao nibs, vanilla, cinnamon and ancho chillies.
  • Octane Overlord, Russian Imperial Stout, 11%: brewed with dark malts and lightly smoked malts.
  • Bumps Ahead, American barley wine, 10%:  a dry hopped barley wine.
  • Emergency Escape, NEDIPA, 8%: a single hop Mosaic. Hops are added during fermentation.

Link: Brouwerij De Moersleutel 

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