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Brasserie Surréaliste: the opening


The Beer Idiots attended one of the launch parties for Brasserie Surréaliste’s new taproom in Brussels on 7 April. There we interviewed a few of the people who attended.

Brothers Edouard and Charles Grison have been producing beers for about three years in anticipation of opening the taproom and brewery to the public. Edouard has been home brewing for a while and this led to opening a very classy 1,500 square metre brewpub in Brussels on Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains. 

They have transformed the former Ateliers Coppens building into a pleasure dome of light and eye glitter. According to Bruzz the art-déco building was built in 1932 by architect De Boelpaepe. The building started as a warehouse for bananas and later became the workplace of hat designer Christophe Coppens, who left the building in 2012.

Now Brasserie Surréaliste looks set to be the next party place to go to and drink good to great beers. They aim to brew pale ales, IPAs, saisons, stouts, kettle-sour and mixed fermentations and go in for some barrel-aged beers. The brothers also want to use the space to highlight musicians, street artists, DJs, chefs and others, including video makers.

In a crowd funding held in 2020 the two said: “More than an artistic current, surrealism is, in our opinion, a state of mind. The movement develops around the transgression and of the insubordination to standard. Beauty now comes from the unexpected. These values ​​inspire our philosophy, our mission is to surprise you every day.”

The crowdfunding raised about €44,000, to augment what must have been a big bank loan.

For those who may not be beer nuts, there is lots more to please the palate. Many people were drinking the cocktails and wine. The sound system is outstanding and there’s space for DJs and live bands. Let the party continue!

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