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Poppels: Sweden’s organic brewer


Petter Gunnarson, one of the 15 co-founders of Poppels Brewery and who looks after exports, sets out the path of one of Sweden’s largest craft brewers in an interview with the Beer Idiots.

Poppels was founded in 2012 and set up commercial operations in Jonsered, a former textile area about 14 km east of Gothenburg. They opened the new brewery in 2016. Poppels Öl & Mat, their own beer restaurant, opened in 2020 near the brewer. 

Hoppy beers and organic inputs are what comes naturally to the team, though they do brew pilsners and the darker beers.

“The IPA’s, the hoppy beers, that’s what sells in Sweden,” he said.

Petter Gunnarsson, Poppels Brewery, Jonsered, Sweden.

Petter Gunnarson, Poppels Brewery. 

About 85% of the market is Sweden. The brewery currently produces 1.5 million litres a year with a capacity for 2.5 million litres. Poppels has expanded with a new canning line and fermenting tanks to go up to 3.5 million litres a year.

Poppels also is opening a city brewery in central Gothenburg in early summer 2022 with room to seat 500 diners.

Petter Gunnarson (right), head of exports, Poppels Bryggeri, Jonsered (Gothenburg), Sweden at The Beer Experience festival, Muze & Luchtfabriek Marktplein, 3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

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