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Video: Barry Smith of Tigertops brewery, Wakefield, UK, speaks to the Beer Idiots about his hoppy philosophy.

Barry Smith is a familiar sight around Brassigame, and there he was this year in Marbehan, Belgium pumping from three casks of  the Tigertops beers he brought with him from Wakefield, south of Leeds in UK’s West Yorkshire region. Smith is a regular visitor to Brasserie Artisanale de Rulles and its founder Grégory Verhelst in Rulles (Habay), Belgium.

He first appeared at Brassigaume 2003 and has since been invited to other festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands.. The ‘Axeman’ as he is known around his town, cuts trees and grass around verges and graveyards for the local council, so you do not have to ‘Sleep with one eye open’.

Tigertops Brewery was founded in September 1985 by Stewart and Lynda Johnson, and they handed it off to Smith in the early 1990s when they moved away to found a new brewery and pub.

Smith likes his hops and tries out continental recipes and continental yeasts. “Yes, I have to be considered a proper ‘Hop Head’, because my favourite style of beer would be a proper American West Coast IPA – the sort of beers brewed by Beachwood Brewing in Long Beach, California'” he says on his site.

Barry Smith, brewer, Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield, UK at Brassigaume, Marbehan, Belgium.


Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield, UK

Brassigaume 2019, Marbehan, Belgium


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