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Beers aged in Syrah or Tokaj barrels along with the use of grape pomace sourced locally are driving Monyo Brewing’s experiments in craft says Botond Prischetzky, brand manager of the brewer, based in Budapest, Hungary.

Monyo, established in 2014 by Adam Pein and Antal Nemeth aims to revolutionise microbrewing in Hungary. Monyo is one of the fastest-growing breweries in Hungary. Their flagship product is Flying Rabbit IPA, in which Citra hop is used to achieve a tropical flavour.

Prischetzky brought the following beers to Leuven Innovation Beer Festival:

  • Hungarian Terroir: Villány – Spontan Syrah 2017, 8.1%: Spontaneously fermented with Syrah pomace and aged in Hungarian wine barrels for a year in collaboration with the Heumann Winery from Villány.
  • Hungarian Terroir: Sopron – Blaufränkisch RIS 2018, 10.5%: a Russian imperial stout in collaboration with a Pfneiszl Estate from Sopron. A few litres of their Premium Blaufränkisch wine was added directly to the beer. The beer was then aged in Blaufrankisch red wine barrels for months.
  • Hungarian Terroir: Tokaj – Belgian Strong Ale 2018, 8.6%: with Tokaji Furmint pomace, which is the basis of Bodrog Borműhely’s “Mesés” cuvée.
  • Hungarian Terroir: Szekszárd – Spontan Kadarka 2018, 6.8%: Made in Szekszárd in collaboration with János Márkvárt Jr. Spontaneously fermented with Kadarka pomace.
  • Brewing After Sex Is Very Relaxing, Tokaji Barrel Aged Saison, 6.3%:  A classic saison aged in two different Tokaji Szamorodni barrels in collaboration with Gizella and Balassa winery from Tokaj.
  • Magic Always Comes With A Price, White Grape Brut IPA, 6.3%: Brewed with Olaszrizling white grape juice and dry-hopped with fresh Wai-iti hops from New Zealand.

Link: Monyo Brewing

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