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Carbonade flamande cook-off: Dieter’s version


This is Dieter’s version (nicely done!).

The two Beer Idiots had a debate er…argument about who could make the best carbonades flamandes. So we had a cook-off.

In this spirit Beer Idiot Dieter made his original version of stoofvlees (he is Flemish after all), while Ahmed called on his long years of stewing to cook his version of what’s called Carbonnade  Flamande.

Both Ahmed and Dieter did not reveal the beers they used. We had a laugh as we both ended up pulling out our secret weapons. Tricky! But we could not trick each other.  Beer Idiots think alike! Dieter’s version combined both Chimay Blue and Westvleteren 12. One version of Ahmed’s stoofvlees used Chimay Blue, the other Westvleteren 12. The mustard was De Kroon.

Carbonade flamande cook-off: Ahmed’s version

Carbonade flamande cook-off: the decision

Carbonade flamande: the making of

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