Awards! Vote for the Beer Idiots and Belgium Beer Week


We’re audacious! Support the Beer Idiots and Belgium Beer Week by voting for us at the Visit Brussels Awards. We are in the Audacious New Project 2021 category, one of seven categories featuring some worthy candidates.

Just vote here for each category before midnight on 21 February. Hannah, Dieter, Bas and Ahmed thank you for your support. The ‘audacious’ new project award recognises a new concept or venue launched in the midst of the pandemic crisis, which was certainly the motivation for Belgium Beer Week.

We hope you will agree we are worthy of your vote for launching Belgium Beer Week as a non-profit to support and celebrate bars, brewers and beer culture. The video below is a reminder of all the fun we had in 2020 and 2021. We host the third edition on 22-28 August this year.

The 2022 edition is going to be even bigger and better, which means more fun for everyone. We are going international as bars in other countries help us celebrate the wonderful world of Belgian beer. As part of the culture, we will also feature and celebrate beer museums and collections across the country.

Your vote for Belgium Beer Week as “audiacious”, the public vote, will result in five nominees in each category to be announced on 11 March. A jury of professionals from the tourism sector, the academic world and the press will then vote on the winners.

We just hope to be among the amazing nominees. It will help Belgium Beer Week gain more recognition and grow. Thanks in advance!

Visit Brussels Awards


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