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Joël Back, Tom Reis and Nico Kleer, co-owners of Bare Brewing in Differdange, Luxembourg, have found their way on to the Belgian market, where they are as popular here as in their home country. Back, who the Beer Idiots interviewed at Brassigaume 2019, says they do not follow fashion or styles, but want to brew beer they like. He is not a fan of sweet beers, so instead brews them dry. 

Back and Reis were brewing since 2011 for family and friends. They founded Bare Brewing in 2018 with Kleer, who had his own label, S’ink Beer. The label ‘Bare’ was decided on as they wanted to be transparent and be clear about the tastes they try to achieve.

What they have found is Luxembourg is dominated by the big brewers, so they have struggled to get their beers into the bars and retail outlets, but so far they have managed to sell what they produce and believe they must grow to stay alive. They produce a pils, a black IPA and what they call a ‘white IPA’, among other beers. 

“Our biggest problem is that we do not have enough space, we don’t have enough kegs, and we don’t have enough people to work,” he says. “It is a good problem.”

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