Ārpus: Latvia’s new wave

Latvia’s Ārpus Brewing Co. was founded in 2017 with the idea of juicy hop forward ales, fruity sour beers and imperial stouts. They began brewing in their own facilities in 2019 in Eimuri, a village near Riga.
It’s a 10 hl brewhouse with 20 hl fermentation vessels. Girts Tihomirovs, co-founder of the brewery, talked with the Beer Idiots at Wanderlust 2021 in Brussels, Belgium about the brewery’s plans and the craft beer scene in Latvia. 

In about November, Ārpus plans to release some barrel aged imperial stouts and in a few years plans to delve into wild fermentation.

The brewery’s beers have vaulted to the top of the Baltic brewing tables and has brewed collaboration beers with Northern Monk (UK), Neon Raptor (UK), Fuerst Wiacek (DE), Blech Brut (DE), Atelier der Braukünste (DE), Sori (EE), Pühaste (EE), Dieta (RU), Zagovor (RU), AF Brew (RU) and others.

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