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Tonight, for Zuur with 60 bars!

Soirée ZUUR is on tonight (18 June), featuring 69 Brussels bars and 5 brass bands, celebrating the Growfunding campaign to raise funds to keep them going during the
Covid-19 lockdown.
The fete starts at 6 pm with the handing out of free Zuur beer while supplies last. Those who put in funds will also be able to pick up their bottle or lemonade. The participating bars are listed here along with other information on the Soirée ZUUR page, along with the routes for the brass bands in Brussels centre, Schaerbeek and Ixelles.
Growfunding launched the ‘solidarity campaign’ called ZUUR in early Feburary and it ran until April. Donor who put in money will receive a bottle of limited edition Zuur, a beer from Cantillon and En Stoemelings. The gift is partially financed by the Brussels-Capital region.

Growfunding describes itself as a Belgian platform for civic crowdfunding. “We bring people and resources together and support projects that make our society stronger and more sustainable.”

Starting in 2014 the platform has raised €1,836,000 for 220 projects: social profit organisations, businesses and philanthropy. They take 10% of the funds raised to support the platform, with Flanders and Brussels co-financing its general operations. The Brussels-Capital Region co-finances Growfunding’s support for social and circular start-ups in Brussels.

The music route in Brussels centre:

LaCliniq du Dr. Poembak: starts at 7 pm at Walvis, Bar du Canal & Midpoint -> Au Laboureur -> Merlo -> Au Bassin -> Au Daringman -> Roskam -> Café Monk
Fanfakids: starts at 6 pm at Café Monk -> Café Bison -> Café Affligem -> Café Lava
Café Marché: starts at 6:30 pm at Stammbar -> Le Baroque -> Les Brasseurs -> Café Affligem -> Archipel -> La reserve -> Café Le Saint Nicolas

Music route in Schaerbeek:
Les taupes qui boivent du lait: starts at 6 pm at Copain -> Ethylo -> Le Barboteur -> L’âne fou

Music route in Ixelles:
Brussels Bayou Orchestra: starts at 6 pm at L’amère à boire & Murmure -> Le Pantin -> Marcel bike café -> L’amère à boire

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