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The 7 Deadly Sins (of beer drinkers)


1. Arithmomania – Counting your beers. Example: “Sorry, I’m on my 5th. Got to get home.”

2. Modifimania – Describing your beer with more than one adjective. Example. “This beer has a full, rich, velvety, sweet taste with a hint of honey and coffee aftertaste.”

3. Absolutism – Declaring that this beer is your last beer (and usually not).

4. Familiaria – Going to the loo/can/john/washroom after each beer.

5. Obsequiousness – Sipping your beer. You drink a beer – you don’t sup a beer.

6. Solopsism – The belief that you are beyond the effects of beer. Believing you’re not drunk, just everyone else.

7. Redundancy – Asking for a “cold” beer. There are only cold beers. Nothing else. Unless it is a stout.

Got a deadly sin to add? Let us know in the comments.

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5 years ago

I really hate the snob drinker that despises commercial pils saying its bad and disgusting. Every single one of us started drinking those beers. Most of still do to this day…