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Sweden’s new wave


Malmö, Sweden is bursting with new brewers. The Beer Idiots talk about the new wave with Karl Andersson of Rocket Brewing, Michael Nathhorst of Psychopipes/Hyllie Brewery, Christian Kapusta of Kapusta Brewing and Natalie Eriksson of Secret Sisters.

Rocket Brewing is co-owned by Kim Agersten, Joel Carlsson, Aron Hallborg and Andersson. Rocket started brewing in  Denmark in 2014 by Agersten and two other Danes after intensive brewing at the restaurant Mielke og Hurtigkarl in Copenhagen where Kim was the chef. 

Psychopipes is an offshoot of Hyllie Brewery set up to brew an “experimental” line of beers, according to the company’s site. “In love with sours. Devoted to the heavy black. Crazy about hops. Committed to beer with a twist. Or two,” says the About page.

Nathhorst works in collaboration with Thorsten Ekne who recently sold the beer site Beer Ditch in Malmö.

Kapusta Brewing was founded in 2011. Meanwhile Secret Sisters is a more recent start-up by Erika Norén, Irina Carlén, Paulina Nordling and Eriksson. 

Kapusta Brewing and Secret Sisters are part of  part of a collective of homebrewers, Minus-1 in Malmö, Sweden. Their beer is served at the Bishop’s Arms.

Rocket Brewing

Psychopipes/Hyllie Brewery

Kapusta Brewing

Secret Sisters


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