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Julien Bretheau, À Tue-Tête, Switzerland, talks about what innovation means for his brewery at the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival in Belgium on 13 April 2019.

Julien Bretheau, founder of À Tue-Tête, Switzerland, works with bakers, winemakers and growers to innovate. He likes to using ingredients like vegetables, all parts of the fruit, like the pits and grape stems, and spent bread, for example.

At the 2019 Leuven Innovation Beer Festival he brought some of his best:

  • Betterave: sour ale, 6.5% alc.vol. This barrel aged golden sour ale is aged using local beetroots. It uses roots instead of fruit and was inspired by pickled beetroots.
  • Noire: sour ale, 7.5 % alc.vol.: This is a blend of dark sour ale aged in oak barrels. Bretheau uses roasted malts to balance its tartness. Noire is the base beer for some other À Tue-Tête fruit beers.
  • Noyau d’Abricot for Noyau: sour ale, 6.5 % alc.vol. The barrel aged golden sour ale uses apricot pits and has an amaretto-like taste.
  • Marc de Merlot: grape Ale, 6.5% alc.vol. Every year during grape harvest, Bretheau chooses a biodynamicaly grown grape pomace to ferment the beers. “We don’t pitch yeast. This beer was fermented in the barrel with Merlot pomace, then dry hopped with noble hops,” he says.
  • Salsa Verde: sour ale, 6.5% alc.vol. A golden sour ale, with tomatillos, jalapeno peppers, lime and cilantro.
  • Chasselas: sour ale, 7.2% alc.vol. The barrel aged sour ale was aged on local Chasselas grapes, local to the brewer’s region.


À Tue-Tête

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Leuven Innovation Festival 2019: Julien Bretheau, owner of À Tue-Tête, Switzerland.
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