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Peak of the Hautes Fagnes


Video: Beer Idiot Dieter Proost talks with Raphaël Lambois of Belgium Peak Beer, who brews in one of the beautiful areas of Belgium – Sourbrodt, which lies in the Hautes Fanges (High Fens) area near the border with Germany. 

Lambois started Belgium Peak Beer with some friends in 2016, after deciding to branch off from his brewery design consulting business and taking a different path from the usual hobby brewer to making beer. At the time, he was the head brewer at the Brasserie Coopérative Liégeoise, which started up in 2015, and produces the Badjawe brand of bio beers. 

The quality of the water in the Hautes Fanges was one draw to the area for a brewing operation. The first beer produced was a blond, followed by a brown and triple, a typical Belgian triumvirate. Their other beers include a blueberry-flavoured beer and India Peak Beer, which they have loaded with 75 different hop varieties.

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