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Otwarte Bramy: Polish brewpub and traditional food


Otwarte Bramy

Otwarte Bramy is a half hour taxi ride from Warsaw to Pruszkรณw, and certainly worth the trip if you want to try the good, fresh beer Krzysztof Cyronek serves up at his brewpub and traditional Polish food from his father, who runs the restaurant Ucieranie Treล›ci next door.

It has lots of dishes featuring the inner organs of animals, tripe and such, some of our favourities, but that’s another trip. But the Beer Idiots were in Pruszkรณw to meet Cyronek and try some of his beers. This young brewer has established a great place to visit, try beers, and when the time comes, eat some excellent food at the nearby restaurant to soak it all up.











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