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Malcroys Brewing: nano time


Kevin Devos of Malcroys Brewing found a home in Kontich, Belgium after moving out from an apartment, then opened a small online beer shop in 2015 for aged beers alongside a nano brewer with a 30 litre brewing kettle and some barrels for ageing.

After a crowdfunding drive provided him with โ‚ฌ5,400, he was able to move up to an 80 litre kettle. In an online interview with Beer Idiot Dieter Proost he talks about brewing “special, honest beers, one small batch at a time”. His wife also has a side project, Felis, which has so far brewed two goses and a smoky sour.

Malcroys Brewing


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I am a Canadian beer idiot living in Brussels with Karine and our son Elliott. I am here for the beer, good talk and good writing.
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