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John Brauer: state of the European brewing sector


John Brauer, Director of the European Brewery Convention (EBC), talks about the state of the European beer sector at the Brewers Forum 2023 in Prague from 22 to 23 May. This is the one in a series of interviews the Beer Idiots did at the Brewers Forum touching on the issues and trends affecting the sector.

The Brewers Forum touched on my current trends affecting Europe’s beer sector, from the rise of low-alcohol and no-alcohol beers, post-Covid recovery, yeasts, CO2 recovery, what defines a craft brewer, ensuring beer competitions are run correctly, how to manage brands, low-carb beers, whether blockchain could be useful in managing supply chains, climate change, water quality, and refermentation practices.

For more insights into Europe’s brewing sector see our interview with Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, Secretary General of The Brewers of Europe.

In the video below, recorded live at the Forum, the Beer Idiots discussed some of the sessions we had attended.


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