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Video: Yannick Schandené, owner of Fermenthings, talks about his new space and his love of fermenting.

Yannick Schandené, owner of Fermenthings, loves beer, but decided he liked the process of fermenting more. This conclusion meant the world of beer lost a potential brewer but gained a lot more in pickles and in the other foods Schandené ferments in his kitchen.

He has moved after a few years from the shop in Jette, where Fermenthings was born with a former co-owner. Now he is on his own, doing more hands on work and workshops, but not really. He is in the same space as La Source, with Mathieu Huygens and co-owner Nina Carleer, so the beer and brewing is ever present.

And around him are the other Be-Here businesses in the incredibly open and airy building, located in the Tour & Taxis area in Laeken. The building used to host the distribution centre for Byrrh, a French beverage company that sold an aperitif of the same name concocted of read wine, mistelle and quinine. The building lay abandoned for several decades until it underwent a €20 million restoration, with city and federal funding.

In addition to La Source and Fermenthings, the building currently hosts an organic market, Skyfarms, MadLab, Lily’s Granola, Vidya Ayurveda, and a couple of musical groups. Fermentings itself also provides space for Tomas Leyers, owner of Goutzi, who is making kombucha in the area above the two businesses.



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