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Expired Beer Day 2020: clean out your basement!


This is a public service announcement from the Beer Idiots urging you on 12 December to go to those dusty basements and closets or where ever you store your lode and clean out those beers that are about to expire and drink them.

Share them with friends if you have to get rid of them. But above all don’t let them expire and turn into pumpkins!

Yes, it is the first every Expired Beer Day 2020, marked worldwide by idiots who buy too much beer or forget they every had beer, or are under the mistaken impression that somehow all their beers can improve with age after their expiry date. 

We, the Beer Idiots, suffered through seven expired beers to give you a taste of what’s to come if you don’t. It’s not a reflection of the brewers quality that most of those that expired should have been poured down the drain, and we did. We are not criticising the brewers. They did what they should. They honestly put an expired date on their beers and told you not to drink them!

You will be wasting your money by throwing away beer that you bought and let expired through oversight. That money would have been better spent on some other beer or a better fridge for your beer.

Remember the 12 of December and remember the Beer Idiots told you so. For more of the Beer Idiots’ public service announcements please sign up to our YouTube channel and let us know what you found. We told you so!

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