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Let's join the yearly celebration of Garage Beer's SOUP DAY!The icon of the New England era and the beer that become synonymous with Garage Beer Co.Grab your SOUP 4-PACK withSOUP […]

SOUP Day 2024 – FRIDAY 10-05-2024

Rotterdamstraat 105, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium

Garage Beer from Barcelona launches again their SOUP DAY in Antwerpen. This Friday will will have 4 variations of their SOUP on Draft. Expect again lots of yummy hoppyness.... We […]

Curieuzegeuze @ Bodegem Kermis

Bodegem City

Op zoek naar een gezellige start van je weekend? Kom dan op vrijdag 10 mei langs bij de Geuzecaravan tijdens de Avondmarkt in Sint-Martens-Bodegem! 🎉📍 Locatie: Op het terras van […]

Les cuvées du jeu de balle: Suur sa tête !

En 2023, nous avons été visiter le domaine W à Saintes dans le sud de la Belgique qui cultive et vignifie des cépages champenois. Nous avions rencontré Maxime, le vigneron […]

Spring Beer Tastings

Hoppiness Brussels

Edit descriptionAboutSpring time is finally here and what is better than a tasty craft beer in the sun? Hoppiness Brussels has made a great selection of thirst quenching beers for […]