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Take the quiz on De Ranke and see how much you can score with us on your beer knowledge of this exciting brewer.


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De Ranke beer quiz


How well do you know De Ranke?
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Which of the following breweries have also brewed their own beers at De Ranke? (until 26/03/21)

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How many different beers are currently sold by the brewery?

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Who are the founders of De Ranke?

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Which of the following is true?

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Approximately how many hectolitres were brewed at De Ranke in 2019?

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In which Westhoek brewery were De Ranke beers brewed from time to time, before the brewery in Dottignies was opened?

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In which year was Brouwerij De Ranke Founded?

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From which region(s) does De Ranke source its hops?

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Which of the following is true for the beer Hop Harvest?

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Which of the following De Ranke beers are dry-hopped?

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Franc Belge, launched in 2019, is brewed according to which historical beer style?

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For how long is our beer macerated with whole cherries before blending to become Kriek De Ranke?

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What is the difference between XX Bitter and XXX Bitter?

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What is the common denominator of all De Ranke beers?

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Which other beers have directly inspired some of the beers at De Ranke?

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Which style best describes XX Bitter?

17 / 20

Which traditionally-American hop varieties, grown in Belgium, are used in the beer Amer-Amer?

18 / 20

How many IBUS (International Bitterness Units) is XX Bitter?

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Which plant does De Ranke refer to?

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Which 3 beers from De Ranke were the first ones on the market?

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