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Day after the Day of the Dude


It’s the day after the Day of the Dude, dude, so come on down you Beer Idiots to the Python on Saturday 7 March to bowl with us and down some White Russians in between the beer at the Python.

Grab your housecoat, shorts, sunglasses, purple jump suit, green nail polish, whatever. Read below and watch the videos on the Big Lebowski characters that best suit you. Bowling will be available. And remember to take it easy. What does this have to do with beer? Find out below.
Beer Idiots event Day after the Day of the Dude

What the fuck are you talking about?

The Day of the Dude is an annual holiday in Dudeism, to which I, like many others, belong to as the “slowest growing religion in the world”.

It seem the guy who created the religion has taken a totally relaxed attitude and has taken an indefinite break since December 2018 from keeping the Dudespaper updated.

Yep, conspiracy theorists might believe the Day of the Dude was chosen two days before International Women’s Day (March 8) so that guys could have their day first, again. But they are wrong. Women are Dudes too – anyone is a Dude who likes to take it easy.

And of course there is Bunny…

And to give you ideas here are 7 fact you probably did not know about The Big Lebowski

Check out more characters here. Thanks to our friendly neighbourhood bar for hosting us last year and this year.

Photographs from last year’s Day of the Dude at Python.

What’s that got to do with beer, ya Idiots?

For the beer question the Dude is seen drinking  a beer, the fictional Meichtry Draft Beer, while driving and smoking a joint. He does use the beer to dowse the burning roach, which he bounced off the window to between his legs. 

In the second beer scene, at the end of the movie, the Dude is practicing for the finals at the bowling arena, walks up to the bar and orders “two oat sodas” from Gary the bartender. The beers seem to be Miller Golden Drafts, according to better eyes than mine. He then engages in a conversation with The Stranger. The conversation ends with the Dude saying “The Dude Abides”.

Of course, in keeping with the cult and creed, craft beer makers have been keen to name their beers referencing the film. The ‘official’ one, apparently endorsed by the Dude himself, is Lebowski, which bills itself as an India style lager. It is brewed in the Netherlands by Brouwerij De Molen (Swinkels Family Brewers) on behalf of Cinema Brewers Lebowski. The 4.5% dry-hopped American lager says it is a pilsner for “dudes and dudettes who like to take it easy, with a twist of lemongrass cause you know, Vietnam dude, where many of us died face down in the mud. A light beer that ís still very suitable for a hard night of bowling. We’re very proud to say that Jeff Bridges has approved this brew, so the dude actually abides. Lebowski. Not a beer, a way of life.”

Lebowski - beer
Lebowski – beer




A dude tattoo by a well-known bartender in Belgium who has now left for the Netherlands.


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