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Mixing it up, from a twist on kettle sours to cocktail-inspired beers, is what Robin Barden likes to do as head brewer at Edge Brewing, Barcelona, Spain.

“We are a mixed group of guys – British, American, Ukrainian, Argentinian, Catalan,” he says.

Edge Brewing was established in Barcelona in 2013 by two Americans, Scott Vanover and Alan Sheppard, who joined the craft beer revolution in Europe by buying a brewery in the city’s Poble Nou district.

They are best known for kettle-soured beers combined with fruit, spice and herbs. Barden brought these beers to the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival 2019:

  • Triple Virgin Cherries, Belgian Tripel with Cherries, 7.7%: Triple refers not just to the yeast and malt but also to the triple fermentation – involving a batch of sour lacto fermented wort, regular fermentation with a Belgian yeast strain, finishing with champagne yeast towards the end.
  • Patxaran Sour, Berliner Weisse with Sloe Berries & Spices, 5.1%: collab with BrewDog (Scotland), and inspired by the classic Spanish liquor, Pataxaran. It includes a dose of sloe berries along with a touch of anis, cinnamon, and coffee.
  • Blush, Rosé IPA, 7.2%: collab with Dry & Bitter (Denmark), A dry IPA with Hallertau Blanc hops and infused with hibiscus.
  • Pionero, DDH Double IPA, 8.2%: Their first beer in a can.
  • Maya, Imperial Pilsner, 8.2%: Collab with To Øl (Denmark), brewed with all English malts and German hops (Mandarina Bavaria). Lagered in tanks for three months.
  • Barrica 31, Bourbon BA Imperial Stout, 9.8%: A blend of two Imperial Stouts barrel aged in Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, and Jim Beam barrels for 18 months.


Leuven Innovation Festival 2019: Robin Barden, head brewer at Edge Brewing, Barcelona, Spain.


Edge Brewing

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