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Cruising with Belgians


Brewers from Belgium will be sloshing beer down a few landlubbers’ necks this weekend aboard the Silja Galaxy, which leaves Stockholm 18 October 19.30 and arrives back on Friday, October 19, 18.15. Then it takes another crew of beer lovers from 19.30 that same Friday and returns them Saturday, October 20 at 18.15.

They are all part of a Belgian Beer Fest aboard the ship, which also features Belgian chocolate, cheese, and jazz. Among them are Siphon Brewing, De Dolle Brouwers, Brasserie Minne, Alvinne, Brouwerij Verzet, Het Nest, Hof Ten Dormaal, Vicaris, and Flying Horse Brewers – Préaris. Two Swedish brewers, Eskilstuna Ölkultur and Tempel brygghus, are also involved.

The trip involves Belgoklubben, which seems to be a Swedish club with a commercial bent as it is offering ‘unique beer tax’ advantages. Sweden’s alcohol policies drive this booze cruise culture, with a government monopoly controlling most sales.

The Swedes tend to take daily ferries to Denmark, Germany and the Baltic States to stock up on drink.

Siphon Brewing noted the cruise on their Facebook page. These are busy days for the good brewer. On Friday, they will have seven beers on tap during a Flemish tap takeover in the taproom of Kaapse Brouwers in the Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam.

They will also be brewing a collaboration beer during the day with Totem, Hedonis Ambachtsfest, Dok Brewing Company and Brouwerij ‘t Verzet.


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