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Brussels Beer Project is the new lambic brewer in town


Yep, we were all sworn to secrecy, especially after I did my first beer yoga session in the basement of Brussel Beer Project’s Dansaert location in Brussels and spotted the coolship and the barrels.

“We were afraid you would spot that when we saw you appeared for the yoga session,” said one of BBP’s employees in September.

BBP joins Cantillon as the new game in town. It is launching next week its first two brews from its spontaneous and mixed fermentation programme, which started two years ago.

The brewer did so in style by cooling down some wort at Brussels Grand-place in the coolship on 23 November, allowing inoculation of the beer by various yeast and bacteria, including the famous Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast, for the first brew of the season.

On December 9 it will host a tasting session at BBP Dansaert. Tickets are on sale for about 15 euros a person. blank

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