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Brewdelicious: a broader view of beer


Charlotte Forrier of Brewdelicious is forging her way in the Belgian beer world by helping people widen their tastes.

She recalls having rather narrow drinking habits (she loves what she calls ‘brown’ beers) until a trip to Bolivia some six years ago. While on a terrace she started speaking to other people about Belgium and the topic of Belgian beers came up.

She realised after talking with them that she was missing out on the wide range Belgium has to offer and on her return she began educating herself on Belgian beers. Her passion led her to become a qualified beer sommelier.

She then took training with a Belgian brewer to learn the art and recently started Brewdelicious to give tastings to people, hoping to extend their taste buds in adventurous ways.

The possibilities are endless she has discovered and now she is thinking of starting a brewery with some friends.

As an online event on 18 October, Forrier, Valérie De Ketelaere of Bazaar Trottoir, and My Beer Box will be talking about 3 Belgian-based brewers who are women and hold a tasting of their beers.



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