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Belgium Beer Week – what’s on 24 August


We’re enjoying Belgium Beer Week 2021 and are having fun playing pinball and taking in some venues on the first day of the festival celebrating the country’s beer culture. Tuesday (24 August) is filled with food pairings, brewery visits, beer cocktails, music jams, glass blowing (yes, truly a wonderful addition to BBW21) and tap takeovers. 

Belgium Beer Week features 61 participants in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liege, Bruges, Namur, Leuven and other places across Belgium. Check out the calendar for your daily dose. To help us take pics and post on Facebook with using #BBW21 and @BelgiumBeerWeek so it appears on our feed. We’d love to see how you are enjoying the festival!

Here is the schedule for 24 August:

In Antwerp we are looking forward to barrel aged beers put in the spotlight at Café Pardaf from 24/08 to Sunday 29/08. Check out the tasty list! De Koninck Brewery is starting the day with food and drink pairings in collaboration with the craftsmen based in the brewery: Only Cheese by Van Tricht, Butcher’s Store by De Laet & Van Haver, Chocolatier Jitsk. The pairings will run from 24-29 August. Try a cured sausage or sandwich with head cheese while shopping for old and rare beer glasses at Paters Vaetje.  Check out Papa Jos, which is hosting draft beer tastings and price reductions during the week as is  Muziek cafe Plansjee, which is pairingOrval cheese with La Chouffe, along with other promotions. Meanwhile Trappist cheese and Orval aged for 3+ years is on offer by Café Mombasa. Station 1280 is holding its Taco Tuesday and Uncharted Beers event, featuring its very own Uncharted Brew Co. and other Belgian breweries on tap.

blankIn Brussels, Brussels Beer Project is getting funky with 8 BBP mixed-fermentation beers on tap at its Dansaert location. Sing and play along with Family Brews (Brussels) as they have an open door for local musicians and singers during the week. Otomat is offering a special pizza & beer sharing menu for two. You can taste 3 pizzas paired with three Belgian beers. Near Gare Centrale say cowabungaaaa! at BrewDog Brussels, which combining pinball and beer in a retro twist. They promise that those who conquer the leaderboard may be in for some free drinks on 23 and 24 August.

blankNamur also kicks off its week with iconic brewer La Houppe is teaming up with Hoptimalt to offer a brewery visit and tasting. They also have a nice bar! You can see our interview with La Houppe here. Try the local beer l’Estamine at Café Le Chapitre, which bills itself as the “only authentic beer bar in Namur near St Aubain church”. There are 50 other beers to enjoy.

blankIn Leuven visit the wonderful Hops n More for a can release of 6 beers from Frontaal, in Breda. Go to the Beer Corner for beer cocktails, and cheese and beer pairings all week.

blankIn Gent we are keen to join a session of a drinking glass workshop at Gent Glas. That should be fun!

In Gesves, Hepta Brewery is offering a bio beer along with a tour and other promotions. 

Enjoy yourself and check out the BBW21 events calendar for other BBW21 events.


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