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Belgium Beer Week second edition: register your venue, events


Calling one, calling all, it’s time to rev up for Belgium Beer Week 2021, 23-29 August, and like the first, it is an opportunity to join in with other wonderful bars, brewers, beer experts and take part in the fun one can have around beer culture and the people who are passionate about their craft.

You can still register your bar and events right up to the week in celebration of Belgian beer culture but we caution you, our print deadline is at the end of the week. That’s only if you want some promo on our printed materials: the posters Belgium Beer Week hands out to promote the event to the public.

You’ll get some of course along with other promotional materials and goodies, paid for by the measly €20 registration fee! 

If you are the last minute kinda person (and we love you just the same) you can decide to join later. You’ll still be promoted on our social media channels and those of our partners and the website www.Belgiumbeerweek.be

At the Belgium Beer Week site you can personalise your bar and brand with text and images, display your activities on the online calendar so visitors can plan their week.

What you get, along with fun and beer people

Your Belgium Beer Week events will still be promoted on the home page in a rotation. The week also gets a lot of press in all languages and on the Beer Idiots website and calendar. And of course the goodies. Hope you’re convinced.

If you want more information in French or Dutch please down load the relevant brochure explaining how Belgium Beer Week works. You can also send us an email contact@belgiumbeerweek.be or give us a call. Our phone numbers are available here.

If you are stuck for ideas stuck for ideas for events, don’t worry. These do not have to be grandiose. We encourage the small and the cosy. We love variety. And part of the fun is joining a local network of participants for the week, a cluster beer lovers can visit and discover.

Last year there were food pairings, tap takeovers, cultural collabs, blind tastings, bottle shares, brunches and other events, which made Belgium Beer Week’s first edition a huge success in 2020.

This year it will be even better as we promote the comeback for Belgian beer culture in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liege, Bruges, Namur, Leuven and other cities across Belgium

The innovative events brought many people out to enjoy old haunts and discover new places. It was held between lockdowns as a way to help the culture we love bounce back.

Join us in this exciting adventure and talk to the participants in your city and elsewhere. Check out the site to see who is already in for 2021 (see Listed Venues).

Belgium Beer Week is supported by Beer Idiots vzw., a non-profit that publishes news and information on beer culture (www.idiots.beer). All the money collected from participants for Belgian Beer Week is spent to promote their events and attract people to their venues.

We also thank Belgium Beer Week’s partners for their support. They inculde Namur Capitale de la Bière and Beer.be.

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