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Belgian Beer Week kicks off


A week celebrating Belgian beer culture marks a bright spot on an otherwise dismal beer calendar. And it’s a good way to end a weird summer and support cafés, brown bars, restaurants and local favourites while staying as safe as one can.

Belgium Beer Week kicks off from today 24 August featuring bars and other venues in Brussels and Antwerp hosting some 60 plus events.

Beer Idiot Dieter Proust, the organiser, aims to create a unique experience during the week all related to a passion for beer, the pairing of beer and/or the brewing of beer. 

It ends Sunday 30 August giving you enough time to take part in diverse, beer-inspired activities at the various locations in the two cities.

City tours, brewery visits and food-beer parings vie with special tastings and tap takeovers from venues ranging from cafés, brown bars, restaurants and local favourites.

Belgium Beer Week


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