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François Simon, co-founder of L’Ermitage, Brussels, Belgium, describes how the brewery stays involved in their local community by promoting arts and culture, while trying to be as green as possible.

Nanobrasserie de L’Ermitage was founded by Simon, Nacim Menu et Henri Ben Saria. They began gypsy brewing at Brasserie de Bastogne in 2016, eventually receiving a loan to open their own brewery at an old cigarette depot near the Gare de Bruxelles-Midi  in Anderlecht. La Lanterne was their first and flagship beer.

Simon describes it as a “human-sized brewery” that stays involved in the artistic and cultural community in Brussels, where they sell 95% of their beer. It is important not to see the beer as a final point but as a means to link people and cultures into the same place.

One example of this involvement was the launch of their latest beer, Open Road, on 8 June at the brewery’s taproom. The launch featured the band Hollywood Bedsheets, which released their new single, Open Road, at the same time.

The brew was specifically designed and inspired by the song, says L’Ermitage. “The aroma of exotic fruit of this IPA invite you to travel, conquering your dreams and thoughts…”

François Simon, co-founder of L’Ermitage, Brussels, Belgium. at Swafff! 2019 Chateau du Karreveld, Avenue de la Hoese 3, 1080 Brussels.
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