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Video: Artur Karpiński, co-owner of Brewery Golem, in Poznań, Poland, talks about his drive to experiment without compromise.

On his Twitter post Artur Karpiński labels the loves of his life as “beer, bacon, liberty, football, rock and roll”. Karpiński started Brewery Golem in Poznań with Michał Kamiński and Sebastian Łęszczak in 2015. The three had been home brewers since 2013, members of Poznańskiej Loży Piwnej (Poznań Beer Lodge) and decided to scale up by going gypsy. Their first commercial brew was at the Browar Czarnków, Kamionka, where they continue to do contract brewing. They did not hold back. Dybuk, a rye porter brewed with salt and cocoa nibs and matured for three months in bourbon oak barrels, became an instant hit.

They introduced it at a pub in  three have same ones which were used for maturing Lilith Bourbon Barrel-Aged. – today one of the most recognizable beers we’ve made. The premiere of our rye porter with the addition of cocoa shells and salt took place in the late Setka pub in Poznań on 12 December 2015 and have not looked back. Since then they have launched about 99 different beers, won several awards and distinctions, visited all of Poland and some of Europe, and specialised in specific styles.

They love to brew strong, dark beers aged in oak barrels that once held bourbon, whiskey, rum or wine. They also flirt with sour or acidic beers, and the odd IPA.

Artur, a former teacher, says the trio want to brew good and expressive beers. They have survived the Polish craft beer boom and are not looking to expand their distribution outside their home market.


Browar Golem

UnTappd Golem beer list


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