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Beer at the Bourse


We’ll soon be able to enjoy a beer brewed at the Bourse, this great temple to money, trade and ornate architecture that dominates the heart of Brussels’ pedestrian playground. The trading moved out in 1996, though it is still owned by EuroNext.

The center of Belgium’s financial world for 200 years is a gathering centre of sorts, and many uses have been thought up of over the years. Exhibitions and shows such as an immersive experience of Van Gogh were part of the solution. The building, owned by Euronext N.V., is a traditional gathering spot for exuberant celebrations by various nationalities when their countries win some international football match or where groups host their causes, or for more sober commemorations. For the Federation of Belgian Brewers, beer is the answer. The association  received funding from the city and the EU to install a restaurant and a brewery on the second and third floors of the former stock exchange.


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