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Earlier this year we interviewed Bert Van Hecke, about his brewery, B.O.M. Brewery in Roeselare, Belgium. In this interview, Dieter Proost talks to him about Van Hecke’s other gig – designing breweries and helping brewers put them in an optimal configuration.

Van Hecke is a qualified beer engineer. In addition to malting his own grains and running his own brewery he also runs B’Brew, which was established as a consultancy targeting start-up brewers who wanted to create their own tailored brewhouse.

Prior to B.O.M., he did a stint in the US designing brewing operations for Celis Brewery in Austin, Texas and Franschhoek, South Africa.

As B’Brew, he offers consulting on all aspects of setting up a beer brewery: cooling systems, mashing operations, fermentation processes and containers, timelines, brewery layout and operation, and raw ingredient sourcing, for example.

Currently, he is working  Jordan Foster Construction in the US to install a brewhouse for DeadBeach Brewery in Texas later this year.

B.O.M. Brewery: master of the malt

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