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A star is reborn


What’s up with Steven Bollion these days? The former and fabled manager of M-Cafe at Leuven’s museum decided to quit running the craft bar in March this year after 10 years. Bollion is an impish, engaging person, always ready to talk about beer and beer culture. So it was a shock to local beer drinkers when this haven for craft in Leuven closed down.

Happy to say, Bollion and has moved out of the city and opened his own craft beer bar, Het Brouwateljee, in nearby Lubbeek with his partner in all things beer Jan Haegemans. Bollion and Haegemans are also continuing to produce legendary stouts under the Malterfakker label with names like Spacelord Cosmic Coffee, Spacelord Habanero Heaven and I want more. This time the microbrewery is located at Het Brouwateljee, so we might have to take a trek out there to get some Spacelord.  

With Het Brouwateljee, Bollion and Haegemans want to preserve the typical village feel, while providing craft and other beers along with their own homemade lemonades and gins.

Both are also involved in their charity project ’42-FourTwo’, which they started in 2018 in partnership with ‘The Beautiful Alternative’. 


Het Brouwateljee

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