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Les Intenables: the unbearable lightness of beer


Jérome Lauth, brewer and co-founder of Les Intenables in Rosheim, France talks about making beer in Alsace, where wine and ale come together in the on the eastern slopes of the Vosges mountains. The brewery launched its first beers in 2020.

We first met him at Python during a tap takeover and interviewed him at BxlBeerFest. Les Intenables is part of the growing wave of great to amazing craft breweries coming to the fore in Alsace. 

Lauth was previously a brewery at Kronenbourg before starting Les Intenables with Alice Roche, who was also working at Kronenbourg, and a few other friends. He has also worked at Brasserie Schoune in Québec and at La FabriK du Tigre in Strasbourg.


BxlBeerFest 2022, Belgium Beer Week 2022



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