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Bobbi Brewery steps into the wild


Thanks to the folks at Bobbi Brewery and at Halles Saint-Géry, Brussels for a great evening on 3 November, when they released their first limited-edition bottles of lambic.

They were bottling the beer, aged for 18 months in barrels kept in the building’s cellars. Watch our video interview with brewer Kloris Devillé, who sources his wort from his family’s lambic brewery Brouwerij Den Herberg.

Bobbi Brewery is based in Ittre and sources locally, with barley from a nearby farm. It is a collaboration that involves Devilée and Cédric Gérard owner of Chez Bobbi in Ittre.

Bobbi Brewery first brewed its Lambic Fraise, and distributed
it to several Brussels bars before releasing this traditional lambic. The young brewery started with an IPA, a strong blonde and a wheat beer, moved on from ales to a pils, broadened the categories with a kettle sour. Holy Hit is a collaboration with a wine maker in Ittre.


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