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BelgHik – Craft collabs between communities

Breaking boundaries: that’s what craft is all about. Pitching a new yeast, experimenting with a new hop variety, digging up old styles and inventing new ones. And we love it. But there seems to be one boundary left: the one between Flanders and Wallonia. And that’s such a pity. Because Belgium can be a heart of craft, without boundaries. So let’s break through, with BelgHik.

We are encouraging a series of collabs, between Flemish breweries and those in Wallonia. Or, why not, between a brewery based in Brussels and one in the German-speaking part of Belgium. Why? To have fun. To get to know each other. To expand our horizons and learn from each other. To make this brewing country great again.

That’s the idea behind BelgHik. And we can make it happen – but only together with you. Call it Tinder dating for brewers, large and small. You fill in your details below and look for a match up with a brewer “from the other side”, so as to speak.

Once you agree on a match up and the terms (we just encourage the matchups, you decide on the terms and the timing between yourselves), contact us and then we get into action.

You do the brewing: we’ll spread the word
What you both get, other than the pleasure of getting to know each other and making great beer, is the promotion of your collab by the Beer Idiots. With your agreement we will publish videos and articles about the collab, from when you meet to discuss what to brew, the brewing day, and then the release of your collab.

We will help arrange venues (depending on the lockdown rules in place) for the release day and publicise it on Beer Idiots and social media.

If you’re interested, please fill in the form attached. These few answers to our questions will help us set up a database of brewers for the matchups of your choice.

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BelgHik & Beer Idiots can use my data and can't share or sell this information ever. We will not reveal your name or email.
We are not responsible for any financial arrangements made between brewers.
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